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Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Podcasts: Dana Countryman’s Girlville! (January 17, 2017)

Frequent Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation guest Dana Countryman returned to the program on January 17 to talk about his wonderful new album, Dana Countryman’s Girlville! New Songs in the Style of Yesterday’s Hits! This loving tribute to the girl group sounds of the early 1960s, which features, among other guests, Klaatu’s Dee Long, is Dana’s passion project, fully realized with the help of many fantastic singers who bring to life the emotions of a 16-year-old girl living during the period that brought to light so much terrific music.

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New on Pure Pop Radio 1-26-17, Starring Kelley Ryan, The Simple Carnival, and More

We continue to add new and new-to-you songs and artists to our playlist; hundreds have made their Pure Pop Radio debut in the last few weeks. Here are just some of the most recent treasures we’re now playing in rotation. Welcome to Pure Pop radio the latest from Kelley Ryan, The Simple Carnival, Vegas With Randolph, and more…

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New on Pure Pop Radio 1.25.17: Feet First in the Dowling Poole! Jump In…The Water’s Fine!

Willie Dowling, late of the much-loved Jackdaw 4 conclave, and Jon Poole, workhorse musical magician of Cardiacs and Wildhearts fame, first joined forces as the Dowling Poole in 2014, releasing the smashing, hall-of-fame worthy long player Bleak Strategies. The equally amazing, if not more so, One Hyde Park followed last April.

Folding into their classic and melodic sound a deep well’s worth of influences and making good on an unspoken pledge to surprise both themselves and their listeners with gonzo song construction that makes everything they record pop like fireworks, Dowling and Poole remain fearless creators whose music is stimulating and, above all, fun. Their three most recent EPs follow along on this most alluring path.

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Maggie Roche: Goodbye, Sweet Songbird

A wave of sadness passed through my soul as the news emerged yesterday of the passing of Maggie Roche, the sweet songbird from deepest New Jersey whose singular voice intertwined for decades with her sisters Terre and Suzzy as the Roches. Her beautiful songs, imbued with her loving spirit, will live on.

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We’re Riding a Wave of Catchy Talk and Tunes! This Week’s Specialty Shows are Epic!

We begin this week of specialty shows riding the waves with Jammin’ James Riley and end up in the virtual Things We Said Today library to talk about favorite Beatles books. Sounds like a great lineup, right?

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We’ve Got Winners, and Lots of New Music!

Thanks to all who entered our latest contest. There are more contests on the horizon, and lots of new music playing on our air. Watch this space for your chance to win some great sounds from Pure Pop Radio!

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Life is a Minestrone. Soup to Nuts, This Week’s Specialty Shows are the Food of Life

Get ready to chow down on some tasty tunes playing during this week’s run of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio.

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Win Dana Countryman’s Girlville! CD! And Listen to Dana on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Next Tuesday

Yay! Here comes another fun weekend! Why not kick it off by winning one of two sealed Girlville! New Songs in the Style of Yesterday’s Hits! CDs and making a date to listen to Dana Countryman and special guests on this coming Tuesday night’s edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation?

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Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Flashback: Ron Dante (October 23, 1999)

Veteran recording artist and producer Ron Dante’s place in melodic pop music history was secured forever the very second he stepped up to a microphone and brought life to the music of the Archies. Of course, Ron’s career encompasses much more than the Archies; surely the Cuff Links and Barry Manilow, for whom Ron produced many classic albums, ring a bell.

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New on Pure Pop Radio: Dana Countryman’s Girlville!

Dana Countryman’s Girlville! New Songs in the Style of Yesterday’s Hits
(Teensville) 2017
And now for something completely different? Not completely, actually, because this heartfelt, loving tribute to the sounds of 1960s girl groups shares the same depth of commitment and heart that Dana Countryman put into his much-loved pop songs trilogy, concluded in 2015 with Pop 3! Welcome to My Time Warp!.