Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Flashback: Ron Dante (October 23, 1999)

By Alan Haber Pure Pop Radio

Listen to Ron Dante on Pure Pop Radio (October 23, 1999) (38:18)

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Veteran recording artist and producer Ron Dante’s place in melodic pop music history was secured forever the very second he stepped up to a microphone and brought life to the music of the Archies. Of course, Ron’s career encompasses much more than the Archies; surely the Cuff Links and Barry Manilow, for whom Ron produced many classic albums, ring a bell.

Ron’s current release, Anthology, on Sunset Blvd. Records, is a wide-ranging collection of songs recorded throughout his career under his and other names.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Ron live on the air back on October 23, 1999 on the weekly Pure Pop Radio show on WEBR. During this show, you’ll hear Ron talk about a number of early songs recorded under the names Ronnie Dante and Ron Dante. Ron dishes about the Detergents, making the rounds in the various offices of New York’s famous Brill Building, and the first time he heard himself singing on the radio, when WINS disc jockey Murray the K played “Don’t Stand Up in a Canoe,” written by the same scribes who penned “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini,” a number one Billboard magazine chart hit for Brian Hyland back in 1960.

During this show, I played the following songs (unfortunately, this interview is presented in scoped format. Music has been removed due to copyright concerns):

  • The Detergents, “Leader of the Laundromat”
  • Ronnie Dante, “Don’t Stand Up in a Canoe”
  • Ronnie Dante, “Little Lollypop”
  • Ronnie Dante, “In the Rain”
  • Ronnie Dante, “Janie Janie”
  • Ron Dante, “Sweet Taste of Love”
  • Gary Lewis and the Playboys, “Ice Melts in the Sun”
  • The Archies, “Bang-Shang-a-Lang”

As you will hear during this show, this is part one of a two-part interview, although I don’t actually remember interviewing Ron a second time. If part two exists, I will bring that to you soon. Enjoy!


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