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Oh No! It’s Surf vs. the Flying Saucers! Don’t Worry: Jammin’ James Riley and our Specialty Show Hosts Will Protect You!

We’ve got big news for you later this week, about a brand-new lunchtime show premiering next week on Pure Pop Radio, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, something is brewing out there… It may be the battle of the century, with surf coming up against an invasion of flying saucers, but don’t you worry: Jammin’ James Riley has you covered on this week’s all-new edition of Catching a Wave. But that’s not all…

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The Weird and the Wonderful Travels Back to the Days of New Wave: This Week’s Specialty Shows are a Collective, Very Cool Trip!

This week’s lineup of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio is a cool trip back to the coolest sounds around! Cool!

We start this week’s proceedings with tonight’s all-new edition of Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing at 9 pm ET. Ken spins an hour-long tribute to George Harrison, whose birthday we’ll be celebrating in just five days…

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What a Week! Pop Co-Op World Premieres! New Specialty Shows! And the Greatest Melodic Pop from the ’60s to Today, 24-Hours a Day, on the Number One Radio Station for Sweethearts: Pure Pop Radio!

Every week is pretty special here on Pure Pop Radio, but this week… this week? Everything’s sweet for all of the sweethearts out there in radio land. This is the week that everything on our air is extra-special! World premiere tracks from the debut album by Pop Co-Op, with the Spongetones’ Steve Stoeckel, and all new specialty show episodes! You’ll love it all!

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Every Little Thing About This Week’s Specialty Show Lineup Pops

We’re popping this week with another top-flight lineup of specialty shows, a mix that sees musician Brian Bringelson return with an all-new edition of Needle Meets Vinyl and the rest of our cast of melodic pop characters turn in top-flight editions of their respective shows.

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We’re Riding a Wave of Catchy Talk and Tunes! This Week’s Specialty Shows are Epic!

We begin this week of specialty shows riding the waves with Jammin’ James Riley and end up in the virtual Things We Said Today library to talk about favorite Beatles books. Sounds like a great lineup, right?

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Life is a Minestrone. Soup to Nuts, This Week’s Specialty Shows are the Food of Life

Get ready to chow down on some tasty tunes playing during this week’s run of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio.

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Every Little Thing’s Salute to the King Kicks Off this Week’s Specialty Show Lineup

Every Little Thing’s celebration of the life and art of Elvis Presley kicks off this week’s lineup of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio. You might even say the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is our good luck charm!

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Merry Happy! Your Festive Pure Pop Radio Holiday Broadcast Schedule is Here!

christmas wreath 2014Happy Merry to you and you, too! We’re still counting them down…Your official Pure Pop Radio Countdown to Christmas shows there are but six days until the big day, and we’ve got you covered: We’re running special holiday shows all week, leading up to our fourth annual Holiday Popapalooza starting at 1 pm ET on Christmas Eve and running all throughout Christmas Day.

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Festive Holiday Shows Lead Up to a Holiday Popapalooza that Will Knock Your Christmas Socks Off

Pure Pop Radio’s fourth annual Holiday Popapalooza, 36 straight jingle bells-ian hours of Christmas pop songs and custom IDs, jingles and songs from your favorite artists, begins in just over a week from today. The music starts rolling at noon ET on Christmas Eve and continues throughout all of Christmas day (check out our Facebook event page for more information).

pop tunes discLeading up to our Holiday Popapalooza, we’ve got a pair of new episodes of the Pop Tunes Deejay Show–the first with Ameripopicana kings The Taters, during which they play two songs live in the studio, and the second with Beatlefan Executive Editor Al Sussman, who joins me to talk about and play a sumptuous selection of solo Beatles and novelty holiday songs (find out all about these shows by clicking here).

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Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show Returns Just in Time for the Holidays!

Two all-new holiday-themed editions of Alan Haber’s Pop Tunes Deejay Show debut next week:
The Taters star on Tuesday, December 20 at 8 pm ET;
Beatlefan Executive Editor Al Sussman sits in on Wednesday, December 21 at 8 pm ET

With just 10 days to go before Santa squeezes down those old, musty chimneys bearing gifts, we all need a radio show that delivers some much-needed warm-and-fuzzy feelings to melodic pop music fans all over the world. We need…The Pop Tunes Deejay Show!

After a little more than a year of hibernating in the place that old radio shows go to recharge their nine-volt batteries, The Pop Tunes Deejay Show, hosted by yours truly, is back with two all-new episodes that celebrate the holiday season. And, really, if an old radio show is going to do such celebrating, that old radio show might as well bring in the big guns.