Stop Your Running Around! We’ve Got Winners!

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallOur 11-day-long Eight Days a Weekling marathon, celebrating the release (today!) of Studio 2, the latest beat-o-riffic album from New Jersey’s fabulous foursome, the Weeklings, has come to a close.

But we’re still celebrating! Every track from both Studio 2 and the Weeklings’ first fab album, lovingly called Monophonic, and select solo tracks from Glen “Lefty” Burtnik and Bob “Zeek” Burger, will continue to spin in rotation on our air.

glen-burtnik-and-alan-at-webr-1997During the last 11 days, we’ve brought you command performances of Lefty’s 1997 appearance on the old, weekly Pure Pop Radio show, during which he performed live in the studio, and Lefty and Zeek’s appearance on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation, during which the duo chronicled their adventures recording Studio 2 in London’s famous Abbey Road studios. And don’t forget those Weeklings Double Shots that were rocking the airwaves every hour during the marathon!



All You’ve Got to Do is Enter to Win Weeklings CDs and Cassettes, Morning, Noon and Night!

enter-to-winmic-small 10You could be the one, and you too! Enter below to win a Wonderful Weeklings Prize Pack, featuring the new Weeklings album, Studio 2, on both CD and cassette.

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallthe-weeklings-cassetteOn cassette? Yes, on cassette, and here’s why that’s a big deal: The cassette edition of Studio 2 features not one, not two, but three bonus tracks–three Beatles covers. Thrill to the Weeklings bashing through “It Won’t Be Long,” “All I’ve Got to Do,” and “I’m Down.” Particularly “I’m Down”!


Pure Pop Radio’s Eight Days a Weekling Marathon Starts Keeping the Beat this Monday, November 7 at 6 am ET!

Keep in touch with fellow Weeklings fans by joining our Facebook event page by clicking here!

the-weeklings-studio-2-smallIt’s the biggest promotion Pure Pop Radio has ever done because, well, The Weeklings!

The Weeklings, New Jersey’s Beatlesque big-beat combo playing original songs that echo the sweet sounds of the Fab Four’s recordings and rare Lennon and McCartney compositions, take over the Pure Pop Radio airwaves beginning this Monday, November 7 at 6 am ET.  The Eight Days a Weekling marathon continues through Friday, November 18, the day that The Weeklings’ smashing new album, Studio 2, will be released. (Please join our Facebook event page by clicking here.)



A Podcast and a Giveaway, Oh My! Listen and Win!

winDid you miss Seth Swirsky’s August 30 appearance on Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation? Would you like to win a copy of Seth’s new CD, Circles and Squares? If the answer to both questions is yes, head on over to In Conversation’s PodOmatic podcast page to listen to Seth’s back-and-forth with Alan Haber, and enter our exclusive contest below.

seth swirsky new album coverseth swirsky photoSeth spoke to Alan about how his career accomplishments have brought him to his most recent compositions; Seth takes a look at three of Circles and Squares’ songs in particular and peels back the layers of emotion that define them.


Win Nick Piunti’s Trust Your Instincts CD!

nick piunti - trust your instincts smallIt’s let’s-give-something-away time again here at Pure Pop Radio. We’ve got two sealed copies of Nick Piunti’s soon-to-be-released CD, Trust Your Instincts, in our hot little hands. They could be in yours. (See Alan’s review of this contender for best-of-the-year honors by clicking here.)

As usual, it’s easy to enter. Simply fill in the form that follows and send it on its way to us by this Friday, September 2, at 5 pm ET. Be sure to include your email address and type “Nick” in the comments field.


Win Tricia Countryman’s Sometimes When I’m Dreaming CD

tricia countryman march2016Tricia Countryman’s new solo album, Sometimes When I’m Dreaming…, is a wonderful, melodic treat. Produced by husband Dana Countryman, this is nothing less than a lovely musical journey built on classic song craft and Tricia’s golden voice.

You can win Tricia’s Sometimes When I’m Dreaming… CD by filling in the form below and sending it on to us by next Wednesday, July 20 at noon ET. (This is a new entry deadline; this contest was part of a story about this week’s specialty shows posted yesterday and may have been missed by some readers.)


Win One of Three Signed Copies of Dan Pavelich’s Lost Hits of the 80’s!

dan pavelich

Dan Pavelich

lost hits of the 80sIn conjunction with today’s exclusive interview with musician and cartoonist Dan Pavelich, whose ace album, Lost Hits of the 80’s, features songs styled as if they actually came from that decade and were recorded by bands that actually existed, we’re giving away three signed copies of the CD that’s sweeping the nation with big tunes, big hair and big synths.

Lost Hits of the 80’s plays like the fun soundtrack to a movie about a decade that produced good songs, and, it must be said, lots of big hair. Imagined groups, such as Atari Hand Cramp, Pest Control, and Asmatics UK, are brought to life with the help of such talented collaborators as Pop 4’s Andrea Perry, Lisa Mychols and the Well Wishers’ Jeff Shelton; highlights of the record include Redd Roxx’s poppy “No Regret,” sung by the Waking Hours’ Tom Richards; the steady, rocking “Camera Shy” by the Vaporizers; and the Images’ slowed down, impassioned take on the Romantics’ “Talking in Your Sleep,” the only cover on the album.


Contest Update: Dana Countryman Pop 3 CD Giveaway Extended! You Can Still Win!

dana pop 3dana-pianoSince we’ve been off the grid, more or less, the last couple of weeks, we recognize that our latest contest, which looks to bestow upon four lucky winners a signed copy of Dana Countryman’s latest CD, Pop 3! Welcome to My Time Warp!, may have gotten lost in the shuffle of our inactivity.

So we’re extending the contest deadline to this coming Sunday, October 11, at 6 pm ET. All you have to do to enter is fill in the form below. Don’t forget to type your email address, and while you’re typing, be sure to put “Pop 3!” in the Comments box. That’s it. Send the form our way and, as they say, “You might win!”


Win Dana Countryman’s Pop 3! Welcome to My Time Warp!


Dana Countryman

dana pop 3In conjunction with tonight’s brand-new edition of Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation with Dana Countryman, rolling at 9 pm ET (6 pm PT) on Pure Pop Radio, we’re giving away four copies of Dana’s new CD, Pop 3! Welcome to My Time Warp!

As always, it’s easy to enter. Simply fill in the form below; be sure to include your email address and type “Pop 3!” in the Comments box. Send your entry our way and that’s it. The Fine Print: Entries must be received by Friday, October 2 at 5 pm ET. Only one entry per person. Winners will be notified after October 2.


We Have a Winner!

vanilla 2.0Put your hands and toes together for Steve Kutney, who is the winner of our Vanilla 2.0 contest. Congratulations! Your CD will be winging its way to you shortly.

Watch for more contests coming soon!

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