Timmy Sean Inches Closer to the Finish Line: We look at the latest Songs of the Week

timmy sean thursdaysWith only two weeks left to go in Timmy Sean’s yearlong Songs of the Week project, we look back at the last four songs and, well, there’s at least a couple of tears in each of our eyes because we’d really like it if this would just go on and on. Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be nice?

Week 47’s Song of the Week is a powerful, live version of Sir Video’s “Bottle of Wine,” recorded at the band’s first live show this past October 21st. This incredible take features the off-the-charts drumming of Punky Balfour, who wins the award, hands down. This song was followed by Week’s 48’s tender power ballad, “Your Sorry,” which Timmy points out is not “You’re Sorry”: “…yes, the ‘Your’ is not a mistake.”


This Week’s Song of the Week from Timmy Sean? Wear Protective Head Gear While Listening!

timmy sean thursdaysFor the 46th entry in his ongoing Songs of the Week project, Timmy Sean has stuffed Jellyfish’s classic “Bye, Bye, Bye” into an amped-up blender, set the dial to mondo puree, and lined his studio walls with protective sheets to catch his crazy clown-car-of-a-cover before it makes its way out into the world.

For one thing, Timmy’s version of “Bye, Bye, Bye,” originally recorded under the name the Celebrities in 2007 for a Jellyfish tribute on Burning Sky Records, is about 30 seconds shorter than the original version. What’s more, the circus-y vibe of the original track is played up in this version, and a bit of Rudy Vallee-esque whimsy is now present. And, as you may (or may not) expect, there’s more than a smattering of Brian May guitar oomph running throughout the proceedings.


Timmy Sean Blasts the Power of Love with Huey Lewis Cover

sir videotimmy sean thursdaysAs Timmy Sean’s explosive Songs of the Week project heads into its sunset days, we welcome this week’s entry, a powerful (what else?) cover of Huey Lewis and the News’ “The Power of Love,” delivered on stage by Timmy’s side band, Sir Video.

Recorded on October 21, 2015 (Back to the Future Day!) at the Swing House in Los Angeles, “The Power of Love” is driven by a great horn chart, delivered with gusto by Jon Manness (on trumpet) and the Mahoney Brothers’ Brian Mahoney on saxophone. There were, in fact, nine musicians playing their hearts out during this live debut of Sir Video–let’s give them a spirited round of applause: Frankie Pedano (keyboards/vocals), Alex Schneiderman (guitar/vocals), Ramage Jacobs (guitar), Jon Reshard (bass), Punky Balfour (drums), Art Webb (keyboards), and the aforementioned Jon Manness on trumpet and Brian Mahoney on the sax. Oh, and there’s one more player… let’s see… right: Timmy Sean on vocals and guitar!


Timmy Sean Heads Into the Home Stretch With His Mammoth Songs of the Week Project

timmy sean thursdaysIt’s hard to believe, believe it or not, that as of right now, Timmy Sean is 44 weeks into his immensely satisfying Songs of the Week project, which has brought fans new songs, demos, live tracks, previews of Timmy’s new band, Sir Video, and much more. This leaves only eight more songs to serve up to fans before the next musical challenges thrust Timmy into high gear for the melodic treats he’ll unveil in 2016.

Owing to continuing medical issues, we’ve been silent on the Timmy Sean front of late, which is not to say we haven’t been listening to the new entries in the Songs of the Week project. We have. Now, though, it’s time to report on them and get up to date.


An Old Tune Is Reborn as the Latest Song of the Week from Timmy Sean

timmy sean thursdaysAs Timmy Sean mentions in his notes for this week’s entry in his ongoing Songs of the Week project, his first offering after “a month of Beatles covers, a live track, and an acoustic version of a Sir Video [song]” is “a brand new original…well, brand new for anyone outside of the members of my old band LUZER.”

Timmy says: “We workshopped this tune a little bit back in 2006 under the name ‘Too Late,’ and even attempted to record it, but I was never really happy with how the final product was turning out. I always loved the chords and the chorus, but felt like the lyrics and arrangement needed a complete overhaul. So this week, I did just that. I built it from the ground up using all new lyrics and a new verse melody, and I’m finally really happy with it.


Sir Video’s Debut: Just Around the Corner, as this Week’s Timmy Sean Song of the Week Proves

timmy sean thursdaysIf you’ve been following along with us this year and digging Timmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project, you’re well aware of Sir Video, the artist’s side band that’s about to make a big splash in the pop waters.

This week’s Song of the Week is a solo, acoustic version of a number that appeared on the 2014 EP from Sir Video, Light Years. It’s light and breezy and it’s another hit for listeners who crave Timmy’s sound. Close your eyes, picture an island setting with the wind blowing calmly and the sound of serene waters surrounding you, and you’ve got the idea. As usual, there’s a lot of activity going on, surrounding the music. Here’s Timmy to bring you up to date:


Timmy Sean Goes “Live” for the Latest Songs of the Week Entry

timmy sean thursdaysTimmy Sean’s Songs of the Week project rolls into week 36 with a pounding live take of a song from his 2013 East Coast Girls EP.

“You’re Still on My Mind,” recorded at the Fire in Philadelphia last October 10th, is a shining example of how the excitement of a live performance elevates the emotions of a crowd invested in the music that surrounds them. Timmy and his Celebrities–Frankie Pedano (keys/vocals), Michael Vivas (bass/vocals), Michael J. Roxx (lead guitar), and John Tiedemann (drums)–kick up a storm on this classic pop-rocker.


Beatles Month Hits the Finish Line with Timmy Sean’s Epic Take on Abbey Road’s Triumphant Medley

timmy sean beatles monthTimmy Sean has pulled out all of the stops for the final entry in the Beatles Month portion of his ongoing, yearlong Songs of the Week project.

For his fourth take on a standout track from the richest catalog in modern music history, Timmy, playing all the instruments and singing all the vocals, has put his stamp on the medley from Abbey Road that starts with the gorgeous lullaby, “Golden Slumbers,” and concludes with the exciting finish, “The End.” Putting his heart and soul into this track, Timmy has even recreated Ringo Starr’s famous, and one and only, drum solo on record as a Beatle. And it’s all quite fab, of course!


Beatles Month Continues for Timmy Sean as “Julia” Becomes the Latest Song of the Week

timmy sean beatles month

Timmy Sean rolls on with this month’s special selection of Beatles covers with his version of John Lennon’s “Julia,” originally released on The Beatles, more commonly known as the White Album.

The song gets somewhat turned on its head in Timmy’s reimagining of the song, now presented with a beat and vocals alternating between immediate and ghostly, all the while reveling in the beautiful melody that continues to float as the most gentle creation imaginable. It’s a terrific performance.