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Charlatan Record Cartel’s Sunday Brothers Get Heavy, Man

Charlatan Record Cartel spotlight popsters The Sunday Brothers get heavy, man, on “Save Me,” the follow-up to their initial, smash “somber, ruminative ballad about that night in ‘Bankside,'” as we called it in our review back in late February. We’ve got an exclusive, in-depth review, and the world radio premiere tonight.

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Joy Spins Eternal This Saturday, April 22, for Vinyl Lovers Everywhere. Record Store Day 2017 Rolls into Your Town

Your mission this week, and not nearly an impossible one, is to compose your want lists and check them twice and, what’s more, map out your travel plans for Record Store Day 2017, happening this Saturday, April 22, in your town, and yours too.

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Overnight Sensations: The Hangabouts’ 12 (and a Half) Song Triumph

Breaking all the rules of the difficult sophomore album syndrome–how to successfully follow up that first, smash recorded salvo has been a recurring music biz pickle since, well, name your favorite year–John Lowry, Greg Addington, and Chip Saam have earned a couple of days’ worth of rest-easy-and-exhale time while the world greets their new album (12 songs and a mystically-appointed piece of connecting tissue strong) as the triumph it truly is.

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Win Two Cokes and a Smile!

Win two Cokes and a smile from Pure Pop Radio!

Our pal Coke Belda, who is primed to take the stage, after Pure Pop Radio favorite Larry O. Dean, at the Red Line Tap in Chicago on Saturday, April 22 as part of this year’s midwest International Pop Overthrow festival, is giving away 10 digital download sets of his two, top-notch, melodic pop albums, Coke Belda I and Nummer Zwei. You can win!

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We’re Hitting It Out of the Park with New Melodic Pop Music to Celebrate Opening Day! Play Pop!

Here at Pure Pop Radio, we’re celebrating opening day of the 2017 baseball season by hitting it out of the park with more than nine innings’ worth of new and new-to-you melodic pop songs, now playing in rotation. Play pop!

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Bill DeMain’s Gorgeous, Piano-Based Magic

Appearing on Bill DeMain’s forthcoming album Transatlantic Romantic are two songs that the artist has allowed me to play first on the radio: “Honey Bear” and “Leroy Boy.” Color all of us lucky.

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New on Pure Pop Radio 03-01-17: Vegas With Randolph, Terry Draper, The Del Zorros, The Squires of the Subterrain, and More

Today’s batch of reviews features a preview of a new song from Pure Pop Radio favorite Vegas With Randolph, new releases from a trio of prolific melodic popsters, and much more…

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New on Pure Pop Radio 02.28.17: Cindy Lee Berryhill’s The Adventurist

Is there a better investment in life than love? Is there a more prosperous road to travel, a more engaging choice of direction, than the bond between one person and another? Can we even make it to wherever we go in life without it?

Drawing inspiration and comfort from her marriage to the late, pioneering music journalist Paul Williams, Cindy Lee Berryhill has fashioned, in the form of her new album, The Adventurist, a deeply felt,melodic song cycle looking back on and celebrating her time with the creator of Crawdaddy, the first, authoritative rock publication of record, as the future unfolds for her one day at a time, as each new step forward is informed by steps already taken.

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Oh No! It’s Surf vs. the Flying Saucers! Don’t Worry: Jammin’ James Riley and our Specialty Show Hosts Will Protect You!

We’ve got big news for you later this week, about a brand-new lunchtime show premiering next week on Pure Pop Radio, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, something is brewing out there… It may be the battle of the century, with surf coming up against an invasion of flying saucers, but don’t you worry: Jammin’ James Riley has you covered on this week’s all-new edition of Catching a Wave. But that’s not all…

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Pure Pop Radio: In Conversation Flashback: Wondermints (December 12, 1996)

Wondermints’ debut, self-titled album, released on the Big Deal label in 1996, provided more than ample proof that Darian Sahanaja and Nick Walusko were a collective force to be reckoned with. Steeped in the hallowed traditions of melodic pop, but not afraid to bank slightly left or right in the service of a surprising and inventive approach, the band was in the pocket from the start.