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Oh No! It’s Surf vs. the Flying Saucers! Don’t Worry: Jammin’ James Riley and our Specialty Show Hosts Will Protect You!

We’ve got big news for you later this week, about a brand-new lunchtime show premiering next week on Pure Pop Radio, so stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, something is brewing out there… It may be the battle of the century, with surf coming up against an invasion of flying saucers, but don’t you worry: Jammin’ James Riley has you covered on this week’s all-new edition of Catching a Wave. But that’s not all…

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The Weird and the Wonderful Travels Back to the Days of New Wave: This Week’s Specialty Shows are a Collective, Very Cool Trip!

This week’s lineup of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio is a cool trip back to the coolest sounds around! Cool!

We start this week’s proceedings with tonight’s all-new edition of Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing at 9 pm ET. Ken spins an hour-long tribute to George Harrison, whose birthday we’ll be celebrating in just five days…

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What a Week! Pop Co-Op World Premieres! New Specialty Shows! And the Greatest Melodic Pop from the ’60s to Today, 24-Hours a Day, on the Number One Radio Station for Sweethearts: Pure Pop Radio!

Every week is pretty special here on Pure Pop Radio, but this week… this week? Everything’s sweet for all of the sweethearts out there in radio land. This is the week that everything on our air is extra-special! World premiere tracks from the debut album by Pop Co-Op, with the Spongetones’ Steve Stoeckel, and all new specialty show episodes! You’ll love it all!

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Every Little Thing About This Week’s Specialty Show Lineup Pops

We’re popping this week with another top-flight lineup of specialty shows, a mix that sees musician Brian Bringelson return with an all-new edition of Needle Meets Vinyl and the rest of our cast of melodic pop characters turn in top-flight editions of their respective shows.

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We’re Riding a Wave of Catchy Talk and Tunes! This Week’s Specialty Shows are Epic!

We begin this week of specialty shows riding the waves with Jammin’ James Riley and end up in the virtual Things We Said Today library to talk about favorite Beatles books. Sounds like a great lineup, right?

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Life is a Minestrone. Soup to Nuts, This Week’s Specialty Shows are the Food of Life

Get ready to chow down on some tasty tunes playing during this week’s run of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio.

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Every Little Thing’s Salute to the King Kicks Off this Week’s Specialty Show Lineup

Every Little Thing’s celebration of the life and art of Elvis Presley kicks off this week’s lineup of specialty shows on Pure Pop Radio. You might even say the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll is our good luck charm!

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Pure Pop Radio’s Countdown to Christmas Rolls On with All-New Specialty Shows This Week

cropped-ppr-radio-white.jpgPure Pop Radio’s Countdown to Christmas rolls on this week with all-new editions of our festive specialty shows.

everylittlethinglogo-smallTonight at 8 pm ET on Ken Michaels’ Every Little Thing, the longtime spinner of fab Beatles tunes delivers a tasty two-fer that celebrates one of Ringo Starr’s best solo albums, Time Takes Time. Also on tap: Paul McCartney sits behind the drum kit on a variety of songs for which the Cute Beatle provided the snappy backbeat, including Steve Miller’s “My Dark Hour” and the Wings classic, “Helen Wheels.”

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Pure Pop Radio’s Countdown to Christmas Kicks Off With a Quality Quartet of Specialty Shows

21We’re counting them down: There are just 21 days until melodic pop fans will find melodic pop treasures under their Christmas trees. Beginning today, we’re starting to unwrap some melody-rich presents especially for you. Herewith, a quality quartet of Pure Pop Radio’s specialty shows airing this week.

waveTonight at 9 pm ET, Jammin’ James Riley gets into the Christmas spirit on Catching a Wave by mixing some choice holiday classics from Man or Astroman?, the Trashmen, and Jimmy Buffett, among others, in with his usual array of beach-riffic tunes. Oh, and Jammin’ James presents the first of two parts of his exclusive interview with Beach Boy Mike Love.


Dig Into this Week’s Trio of Top-Flight Specialty Shows

We offer to you, as November gets ready to morph into December and work of a holiday nature within these hallowed halls continues apace, a trio of our regular specialty shows to keep things of all sorts on track. Your nighttime soundtrack on Pure Pop Radio? Why, we don’t mind if we do.

Oh, and work of a something’s-new-under-the-sun nature is also continuing apace. In fact, this something new should be arriving any time now. Oh, just you wait…!

waveTonight at 8 pm ET, Jammin’ James Riley fires off another summer-infused set of sun-drenched tunes on Catching a Wave. Perched in front of your Internet radio receptacle, you will delight in Jammin’ James’ spins from artists such as Keith Sykes, Eddie and the Showmen, Jan and Dean, the Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and many more.